Stephen Tosha Helps All Clients Build and Maintain Their Wealth

November 20, 2019
Stephen Tosha

Stephen Tosha’s early years in the business world brought him to a very deep and thorough understanding of how business works, as well as how corporate stock is valued by the market. Consider, for example, the 29 years he spent at Verizon, where he worked in positions of steadily increasing responsibility in such areas as sales, finance, treasury, operations and business development. In fact, at the time he retired from Verizon at age 46, he was serving as their senior manager of business development. That is a background that is less common among wealth managers than should be the case.

At other times, Stephen Tosha also served as CEO and executive vice president for a Dallas non-profit, which explains why he continues to work closely with non-profits and foundations and why he still manages the investment of that initial endowment as well as others. During his five years working with Morgan Stanley, who recruited him to work with them in 2011, he was a financial advisor. tenure as he worked with clients, he was named Vice President, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager. He joined Merrill Lynch at the end of 2016 and he is helping all sorts of clients build and maintain wealth in the best way possible.
Stephen Tosha is a personal finance professional who is certified as a Portfolio Manager.